The Women Stayed…

Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.

The Women Stayed…

crown of thorns_Mary Ann MatthysToday is an important day in my Faith Tradition…Good Friday.

This is always a day in which I intentionally let the world slip away for a time in order to be present to the depth of what happened that day. It was a moment in time that changed the fabric of the World and became a hinge point in time and space.

So I am sure you know the story of the Crucifixion of Christ, but do you know that through all of it, the women stayed. The men, with the exception of John, were frightened away, but the women would not leave him. From anointing his feet with essential oil which would have anesthetized him to a degree from the brutality of his torture, to the many women at the cross where his mother, Magdalene, Mary the Mother of John and Salome to name a few, to tending his body, to remaining at the tomb where Magdalene was the first to see him…THE WOMEN STAYED.

These women were stalwart beacons to the light that was leaving this Earthly plane that Friday…they ¬†were quiet Warriors really if you think about the risk involved in staying with Christ.

And so today I honor the Women, some nameless, who did what the men were too afraid to do…they remained steadfast to the end and beyond. Magdalene became the first to proclaim his resurrection.

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