Talking about Wounds & Inner Healing…A Bloggers Taboo

Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.

Talking about Wounds & Inner Healing…A Bloggers Taboo



Most advisors say Blogs should be light, funny, uplifting and will tell you not to talk about anything remotely sad.  For the most part I understand and agree with this philosophy.  I mean really, most people read a blog hoping for a little cheer, an uplifting thought or wisdom for their journey.  I get it.

This blog carries a message about wounds… we all have them.  I don’t know of a single soul who has traveled through life without encountering some unexpected event or hardship that was simply unavoidable.  Be it the loss of a loved one, a personal illness, relationship strife, work stress…we can all relate.  So why don’t we want to talk about it?

Many of us, myself included, want to appear as if we have it all together.  We want to minimize difficulties and maximize the rest of our lives.  …not a bad strategy most of the time.

Soooo….we carry around our wounds, hidden beneath the surface of an otherwise seemingly wonderful life until one day we can’t ignore them any more.  The wound hurts too much…it has festered sometimes for years.  Or perhaps we think we have dealt with the wound long ago until some circumstance or memory triggers the ache.  A loved one dies or almost dies and we can no longer ignore the reality of death and loss.

If you are at such a crossroad, I encourage you today to know that you are not alone and there is hope.  Reach out to someone you trust, talk with a Spiritual Director or friend.  Pick up a paint brush!!!  You can find a way to illuminate the broken places using the creative process.

Rumi says ‘The wound is the place where the light enters you.’  Breaking open the wound is the place of illumination, the place where healing begins.  It is not until we stop and take a look, truly take a look at the wounded place, that we can begin the process of healing leading to wholeness.

For me the most profound healing occurs as I paint and create.  I am a very intuitive person and have maintained creativity as a Spiritual Practice for many years.  Several years ago I began painting using a method called Intentional Creativity.  It has transformed my life!

Intentional Creativity is like a multi-faceted diamond.  The process awakens one’s creativity, enlivens the soul and helps shine a light on areas that need attention.  Intentional Creativity begins with a written intention…I literally write my intention on my canvas.  The intention may be a prayer or it may be a clear intention for the time spent creating the painting.  An example would be setting an intention to illuminate the broken or wounded places in my life and begin the process of healing them….

As I paint from this place of clear focus, I contemplate my intention in a deliberate way that allows information to flow freely onto the canvas.  I open a dialogue with my Self and with the Divine.  I also spend time journalling during the process of painting layer by layer.  I love to teach this step by step process and find that most people experience growth or movement within their soul while painting.  This is often very profound.

I am so pleased to be a part of the Painted Guru Summit that begins June 11th.  This is a free online summit in which Artists and Teachers from around the world will talk about utilizing the creative process to heal the heart, inspire the soul and soothe the mind.

Going into the Summit I intended to talk about Abundance, because that is certainly another aspect of Intentional Creativity.  As Bebe and I talked, our conversation went another direction and I have to believe there is someone out there who needs to hear that healing is not only possible but can happen with intention through this amazing creative process.  Over the next few months I will be developing an online video series using Intentional Creativity but until then check out …

The Painted Guru and sign up for the summit!

painted guru

I hope you will consider joining us for this wonderful Summit.  If you do you will hear me talk about the painting you see above.  She is called TalisWoman Generations and she holds my wounds so that I don’t carry them around any more.  I am whole.  I am free.  You can be too!


Mary Ann

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