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Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.

So you may be thinking, ‘All these spiritual practices are great but what is the point really?’  The point is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world today.  We serve a risen Christ, and as we progress on the spiritual journey it is a natural outpouring of our faith to put it in to action.  

We have a great example in the life of Jesus.  He cared for the sick and weary.  He fed the hungry.  He helped those in need, those who were wounded.  So my question for you is this…

What is God calling you to do today?

Where do you see need?

Here are some examples of faith in action…


Faith In Practice

Faith In Practice is committed to serving the poor of Guatemala through short-term medical mission trips that take an integrated approach to care that strives to reach those in the greatest need.  Each year, over 1,100 medical professionals and support personnel from across the United States and world travel to Guatemala, paying their own direct expenses to serve the poor through Faith In Practice.  Each year, nearly 700 Guatemalan volunteers work beside our volunteers in this endeavor.  Faith In Practice teams see more than 22,300 patients annually.  Our volunteers serve through a variety of teams that are connected, providing a continuity of care in the context of short term medical mission.

Why We Go-

Since the very beginning, Faith In Practice has always sought to serve in response and in gratitude to the grace we have experienced in our own lives.  We also experience the humble blessing that comes when all come together in a common purpose.  In all things, we rely on the calling, wisdom and love of God.  We truly believe that we could do nothing without God’s hand in this work.

The majority of the Guatemalan population lives in extreme poverty and has virtually no access to medical care.  Over the years, Faith In Practice has developed a deep respect for the medical, clergy, and administrative Guatemalan staff as they seek to meet the needs of the poor. We are honored to join them in this mission.

Join us in this Life Changing Medical Mission APPLY NOW

Pasadena Faith In Action




 Sometimes the grace of God overflows into action in our lives.  On April 28, 2012, an amazing thing happened in Pasadena, Texas.  Churches from all over the city came together to put their faith into action.  We united to share our faith with hammers and nails and scrapers and roofing materials in order to love our neighbors as ourselves.
Jane and Bella’s story of faith…
This may not be classically artistic, but it has been a beautifully creative journey with God.  Hope it inspires.  God first gave me the idea to take our super social and very loving dog to help grieving children in the schools after our daughter shared with me some very sad stories she had encountered.  She was volunteering with her grad school community service projects.   My heart broke for these young kids who were dealing with tremendous losses (death of a parent and siblings) and other challenges that adults would struggle to endure.  I could not stop thinking about these kids.  God kept them on my heart.  My initial vision was to share Bella with these hurting kids just to bring them some joy and a break in their difficult days… to simply laugh and play with an adorable dog.  Unfortunately, many of the kids my daughter told me about were also developing problems with absenteeism.  They were emotionally checking out and falling behind academically and socially.

God has given me such clear direction, insight and patience.   Bella and I volunteer with a little girl who has Down Syndrome (who was very non-verbal and withdrawn),  a little girl who has eight siblings (different fathers), a selective mute,  a little 5 year old girl whose mother passed away last December, plus a boy who has had many behavioral issues.  His reward for making wise choices is to come spend time with Bella and me.  He has not missed a week since he started with us a year and a half ago. In addition, there are three 9-11 year old  boys at a different school who have each experienced the recent deaths of their fathers.  Each child  is and has been truly transformed.  I can not adequately describe it but their parents and the schools see it too!  One school described what is happening with us as “supernatural!

This is not about me or Bella, the absolute fact is that it is a “God thing!” He is loving these children through me.  His presence is so palpably with me that my visits bless me as much as the children.  Every week Bella and I walk past the bold “NO DOGS ALLOWED” sign posted beside the school’s front doors I am reminded there is no door that God can not open for us if He wants it opened.  As you know, there is the constant vigilance and push to keep God out of our public schools.  I have to be sensitive to all of that, but when I LOVE them like Jesus does, it is powerful thing that is changing lives…mine included!

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