Walking Labyrinths

Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.



My Labyrinth

It was hard to find, in that grove of trees
Brown earth with non-descript lines
Name too difficult, to me just a maze
Laid out in concentric design

At first glance, it looked slightly unkempt
Here and there rogue weeds had sprouted
In addition to seeming a waste of my time
Mystery cloaked just how it was routed

I started to walk but I lost my focus
Its twists and turns, somewhat confusing
I muttered about its pointlessness
Doubtful of the benefits producing

Suddenly I tripped over an odd rock
Off my balance, clumsily stumbled
Pitching precariously forward
Falling first to my knees, I tumbled

I was done with this silly adventure
That book I had left, was calling my name
I jumped the boundary and started back home
Looking about, all paths seemed the same

I picked up my speed, walked to the entrance
But getting closer, the path would veer
I passed right by my destination
The exit seemed far and yet again near

Suddenly another stone in my path
That rock had a familiar look
I had, I suddenly discovered,
Back tracked the exact route I took

Frustrated, I reversed course once again
Cautious now, careful to look down
Watching my feet, slowly progressing
On this vexing path of brown

Attention now to way, instead of exit
Made it easy to stay within bounds,
Navigating the winding pathways,
In this perplexing bit of ground

Was that how my life was focused
Destination over journey’s delight
Divine road signs I was surely missing
To be sensed with the soul not the sight

Whoever said that I had the answer
Barreling ahead, no matter the cost
My agenda shouting directions
While I became increasingly lost

Surely God could blaze the trail before me
Cut the bramble and burn the brush
My experienced wilderness guide
Calming my fears and my need to rush

In theory, it seemed very simple
Control’s release, the contentious bone
So what is my final answer
Go with Him, or go it alone?

In reality, isn’t that query redundant
He walks beside me wherever I go
My first question is can I acknowledge that?
The second, if I do, can I let go?

by Brenda Myers

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