Visio Divina…Praying with Images

Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.

This Spiritual Practice incorporates images as a pathway for connection with God.

Visio Divina is traditionally practiced with icons which are actually painted prayers.  

I find praying with icons to be a powerful experience. 

Spend some time with this modern print of Mary and Jesus created as a written prayer…  



Open your heart and mind to God.

Spend some time viewing this image.

Notice any thoughts or feelings you receive.

What is the invitation within this image?

What might God reveal to you through this image?

Spend some time considering the possibilities within this image.

Notice how changing the focus within the image impacts your impressions.

End your prayer time with thanksgiving and gratefulness for this time with God.

Life is impacted by our focus…be mindful of your focus today.  

Choose a path that nurtures your soul and draws you ever nearer to the heart of God.

Blessings friends on the journey!

Mary Ann 


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