Mindful Living…

Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.

wildflowerOver the past few years, as my own spiritual walk has deepened, it has become apparent to me that living mindfully is an enriching experience.  Most of our lives are very fast paced at this point and the thought of slowing down enough to consider what is happening in any given moment seems foreign to us.

Mindfulness is an active internal process that helps us become aware of God’s presence in every aspect of our lives.

Mindfulness includes being present in and aware of my thoughts, feelings, resonances and dissonances in the present moment.  Acknowledging them, and then releasing them.  This presence and awareness to the moment can be very eye opening.  So often, we like to remain in the joys and pleasures of our life and seek to avoid people or situations that bring dissonance or uncomfortableness.  In fact,we often put great energy into avoiding things that bring pain.  Mindful living calls us to lean into that pain, if just for a moment.  In acknowledging the dissonance, the pain, we take the first step toward healing.

Mindfulness carries with it renewal and contentment.  These come over time and can be found in profound simpleness.  Try these ideas…

  • Notice the wind blowing an elephant ear leaf gently to and fro…
  • watch a squirrel leap from treetop to treetop…
  • slow down for a short time daily
  • pay attention to your breath…take time to let your soul breathe
  • take a walk, open your senses to notice all the sights and sounds you usually ignore
  • be gentle with yourself
  • sit and sip a glass of tea and just be in this moment with God
  • notice those moments that resonate and those that create dissonance…what is God’s invitation in these moments?
  • refresh your soul

Mindful living includes-

  • Living in the present moment
  • The realization that God is present in this moment.
  • Practicing gratefulness- 

www.gratefulness.org is the site of Br. David Steindl Rast.

Take time to view the video called “A Good Day” …you will be blessed.

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