Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.

Inclusive Last Supper


So much of what is in my heart as I create this website is about creating opportunities for you to have communion with God and others.  Communion bonds us to each other.  It creates intimate knowing.

My deepest sense of communion with God happens in three contexts…

One is during that grace-filled moment in the service of Holy Communion, when the bread is lifted before my eyes, the body of Christ, and the cup is lifted…the blood of Christ.  It is a profound moment of connection between me and God, between my soul and all the other souls with whom I am in worship, as God manifests in our midst.

Second is the deep communion that happens in Centering Prayer as I pray with God without words.  I am in God’s presence.  God is in my presence.  We reside together in a sacred space beyond words where communion between human souls and God occurs.

Third is the abundant communion and sense of community that happens in a church family.  I am incredibly blessed because my heart is full to overflowing most every Sunday morning as I enter my church to worship.  Smiles, joys, sorrows, teaching and preaching are shared.  Music and Liturgy develop a sense of worship that welcomes God’s presence among us.  Whether worship is Traditional, Contemplative or Contemporary, God is welcome in this place.  Communion happens.

I pray you find communion with God and with others today!


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