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I’ve recently been invited to speak at an online event designed to nurture soulful creatives worldwide. It’s called: “SoulSpa…Art, Meditation & Movement to Nurture the Soul & Inspire Joy”.

And the best news! You get to attend this online event for FREE!

What you’ll learn and receive from this amazing band of artists, yoginis and seasoned meditators:

• Art Journaling & Expressive Arts exercises to help you tap into clarity, resolve relationship glitches, release your inner critic, awaken intuition and just open your world to more creative play and free expression.

• How to use movement to release stagnant energy, to feel more centered and clear and to wake up your vitality in a way that feels intuitive and pleasurable. You’ll be inspired to toss out the “work” in “work-out”.

• How to use meditation to tap into your intuition, sense your stillness & glimpse your greatness.

• FREE gifties from each speaker: art e-courses, tutorials, meditations, movement videos, memberships and more!

This online event is FREE. So get ready to commune with your soul and fill your joy cup! Sign up by clicking the link below…


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