Refresh_ JourneyCircles™  Experience Part 1…Begin Where You Are

Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.


Begin where you are…


Take a few moments to ponder your cup…

Is it overflowing?

Is it empty?

Is it somewhere in between?

Wherever you begin is perfect.  The goal in bringing Refreshing to your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit is to create habits that will help you keep your proverbial cup at least half full to overflowing.  Over the next seven days we will create a circular deck of cards that you can utilize as inspiration for your journey.  They will be tangible reminders to Refresh your Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.


Today’s Mission should you choose to accept it is…

Create a Collage that represents where you are right now and share it in our FB group.  Spend some time writing about how you feel today.  Breathe in this present moment and choose to be grateful for this day…


Now consider Refreshing…

What is your Go To method for Refreshing your Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit?  

Mine include…

Breathing Deeply with Intention,

Walking Barefoot in the Grass

Walking along the beach and feeling wind from the Ocean and listening to the waves as they tickle my toes.


Create an image or symbol representing your Go To method of Refreshing using  JourneyCircles™ Collage, Watercolor, Acrylic or other creative techniques.  Share your image in our FB group…  


Refresh Facebook page


A Short Video about  JourneyCircles™ 


Video 2…Where I Am Today…Watercolor Paper & JourneyCircles™ 


This creative experience is wonderful for any creative process.  

Choose the process that feels fun for you.  

Should you want to try JourneyCircles™   I have prepared a kit for you…

(Click the link below for info…)

Just-for-you JourneyCircles™ Kit


(Aren’t these tea cups fabulous?!  They are handmade by an artist friend, Toni Lawrence in Washington State.  You can find her at local Farmer’s Markets in and around Olympia.)

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