Refresh, A JourneyCircles™  Experience- Day 7

Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.

Share your gifts…Seeds of Possibility


Remember to give from your overflow.

Continue to Refresh your self so that your proverbial cup remains full.

Be open to possibilities!

Be expansive in your thinking!


Let’s Create!!

Today we are creating a symbol of sharing from our overflow.  That symbol can be anything that brings to mind giving…for me three images come to mind… a heart with wings, a cup with liquid pouring out and a milk thistle.

Milk thistle you say?  I love Milk Thistles for a number of reasons.  The Milk Thistle plant has been used since ancient times to heal the liver and has been proven in clinical studies to help the liver regenerate…pretty amazing.  In addition, the Milk Thistle is a plant that produces many seeds that float on the wind as little white fluffs.  They are so beautiful but to me they represent seeds of possibility. As the wind carries the little white tufts the Milk Thistle’s seeds travel far and wide yielding the possibility of new plants wherever they go.  I hope you will be like the Milk Thistle and produce abundant possibilities for sharing from your abundance.  

Creative Session Video Part 1

Creative Session Video Part 2


It has been my sincere pleasure to bring this series to you.  I hope you have found at least one thing that resonates with your soul and that you can use in your life.  


Mary Ann 



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