Refresh, A JourneyCircles™  Experience Day 3

Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.

Refresh Day 3

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Today’s creative experience is to paint a  JourneyCircles™ Spiral Path Card with the words Radical Self Care…

Spiral Path cards are meant to be a special space, landscape or environment for growth.  As you work with the patterns within the letters consider a path to refreshing unfolding.  Just as a Spiral is ever-changing, our lives constantly change.  Let this Spiral Path card hold your desire to love and care for your self.

 We are creating visual reminders of ways we refresh our body, mind, soul and spirit.  When you see this card later, remember the possibilities for Radical Self Care in your life.


Today’s Creative Session Video

For today’s creative session you will need:

A painting surface such as a Spiral Path Card, Watercolor Paper or a Journal

Watercolor Paint


I invite you to be lighthearted and free as you paint. Let yourself play!  

Begin by writing the words on your card.  

Add Paint inside and outside the letters…think stained glass window.

It is ok if the colors merge…enjoy the flow.

Blot the paint with a paper towel if needed at the end.  

If you have time…

Create a second Spiral Path card using collage that is a visual narrative of self care practices you can embrace.  The cards above represent two self care practices that are important to me.  The first is a collection of candles with the word warmth.  This card reminds me of prayer, meditation and time spent in communion with God.  The second Spiral Path contains lots of water and a reminder to Be Present and to Breathe.  

What does Radical Self Care mean for you?

Which practices can you incorporate into your day?

I hope today’s session is a blessing for you.  Take whatever resonates with your soul and leave any content that does not resonate for you.  

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Today’s ideas for Refreshing were born in a conference in Colorado with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. She inspires me to take care of my body consort so that I can live out my purpose in the world.  

Have a wonderful day!

Mary Ann












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