Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.



Today is about cultivating simple, effective ways to Refresh

your Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit into your daily life.  

As we begin, take a moment to settle in.  

Brew a cup of your favorite tea, gather your supplies,

and bring to awareness a sense of where you are beginning this portion of our journey.  


Supplies you need include:

A journal or watercolor paper

Paints (watercolor or acrylic in a variety of colors…think the rainbow)



All set!  

Enjoy the videos as you Refresh your body,mind, soul and spirit!

Mary Ann


Introduction Video


Our painting session is in three parts.  I invite you to spend a bit of time between each segment to contemplate ways you can incorporate Refreshing practices into your life.  Allow these ideas to activate in your mind’s eye.  Which practices resonate with you?  Consider sharing in our Facebook page.

Refresh Painting Session Part 1


Refresh Painting Session Part 2


Refresh Painting Session Part 3






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