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Menu of Offerings

I love hosting Retreats in formal and informal settings.  I paint with individuals and groups.  Here are some images from recent sessions…

Sessions Altar Sessions Cindy Sessions Group 1 Sessions me and Jenn Sessions Portal Sessions Sandra

April Retreat Group

April Retreat Jenn

April Retreat lunch

April Retreat Mother EarthApril Retreat Icon

Sacred Red Thread Sessions-

Red Thread Sessions are typically 2-4 hour workshops in which we explore a theme.  Individual and Group Sessions are available.  Contact me at to set up a time and place.

• Prayer of the Heart-

  • Spend an evening exploring the deepest longings of your heart.
  • What are the tender places?
  • What are the possibilities?
  • Experience healing and hope as we paint the prayer of your heart.

• House of the Heart/ House of Belonging

o We all seek a place where we belong

o Join me as we explore the places and people with whom your heart resonates and feels at home.

• Sacred Threads Affirmation Cards

o Find your inner radiance as you affirm the person you are and the person you will become.

• Vision Plan- Weaving with your Sacred Threads

o Examine your vision for your future Sacred Journey and your Sacred Work in the world

• Tools for the Journey- What tools do you need for your journey?

o Each of us bring our own unique gifts to the world

o Join me as we discern our gifts and graces for the journey.

Color of Woman 13 Step Sessions-

Color of Woman 13 Step Workshops are 1-2 day Workshops in which we dive into a Theme that helps you access your own internal wisdom and grace.

Sessions are available to groups from 2- 24.

Contact me at to arrange a workshop for your group.

• Paint your Muse

o Come spend a day finding your Muse

o The one who seeks your highest good

o The one who shines a light on your inner radiance

o The one who transforms the voice of the inner critic

o The one who lights your SoulFire!

• Light your SoulFire

o This painting process is so transformative it is hard to put into words.

o Spend a day finding your internal compass

o Examine what lights your SoulFire and light the flame!

Classes taught by Mary Ann Matthys, Certified Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach.  

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