Envision an ExtraOrdinary Year!

Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.

Envision an ExtraOrdinary Year!

cosmic child2015…Wow!

What inspires you?

What lights your SoulFire?

What do you long to create in your life in 2015?

What does an ExtraOrdinary Life look like and how do you experience ordinary moments within every day as extraordinary?


Transform your life.

Navigate life’s hardships.

Enjoy this journey called Life!

As a Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach, I utilize Intentional Creativity as a method for inquiry into Life’s Questions.  It is amazing to think that paint, paintbrushes and canvases can be tools for transforming a life. How can something that at first glance seems so simple be so profound?

I invite you to spend a day with me exploring the possibilities that are emerging in your life as you begin 2015.

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