Intentional Creativity

Creativity and the Spiritual Journey

labyrinthIntentional Creativity is amazing!

This process begins with a blank canvas.  We write our Intention on the Canvas and then let the creativity flow!

I am a Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach.  I paint within a movement called Contemporary Symbolism.  Each of my paintings brings with it a powerful process that invites connection and communion with each person’s inner Wisdom.

Intentional Creativity provides a wonderful format for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. During our time together we will transform the voice of the Inner Critic into the voice of the Muse, the one who illumines our Inner Radiance.  The Muse is our own internal voice…that wise part of our self who is capable of lighting our SoulFire!

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Birthing A Soul

Intentional Creativity has an incredible lineage of women painters…
Shiloh Sophia MeCloud Lewis, Sue Hoya Sellars and Lenore Thomas Straus. I am privileged to bring this process to you.

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