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  • Lent

    Thoughts are swirling around me this morning as I enter into my usual reflective state of mind during Lent.  This is a time of remembering for me and a time of paying attention.  My senses are heightened as I notice all the things I often take for granted.  I awakened to the songs of birds greeting the morning.  I feel the coolness of the breeze on my cheeks and breathe in ruah, breath, life.  I love to imagine Mary holding Jesus and usually choose images of Jesus as a babe.  

    This particular image is very special to me because a print of this painting resides at the Ruah Center at Villa de Matel in Houston.  I have spent time gazing at this image and reflecting on a mother’s love that transcends time and space and touches hearts today.   The second image of an older Mary holding her grown son disturbs me and disrupts my imaginings.  Having almost lost an adult child I can imagine her agony and grief.  It is something no mother should have to experience.  I want to turn away.  

    Lent is about presence for me.  The images are often disquieting and yet profound.  Choosing to really look and reflect on the life and legacy of Christ can be hard.  In it’s purest form for me Lent and the Passion of Christ is a love story between God and humankind, a love story of tragedy and hope.  

  • Join me for Refresh…A Journey Circles Experience


    Hi friends!

    How is it with your soul today? I hope your cup is overflowing with juicy goodness!


    I am so pleased to invite you to join me for a free online series called Refresh.  In this free 7 day Creative Experience we will utilize the JourneyCircles process to ponder ways to find balance and stability in our lives as we Refresh our Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.



    I hope you will consider joining me!

    Mary Ann


  • It’s not too late to join me and a fabulous group of Artists for SoulSpa!


    SoulSpa begins today!

    We have an amazing line up of 24 international Intentional Creativity teachers who will be presenting during the retreat.     We will offer Creative Nourishment for your Mind, Body and Spirit.

    This retreat will incorporate intentional creativity, body work, mediation and breath work, all delivered to you via email September 18th – 30th, so that you can participate in the privacy of your own home.  What is awesome is that you don’t need experience in any of these areas.  The retreat teachers will guide you through every part of the process.

    I hope you will consider joining us!

    Mary Ann

    P.S. This is a free event!

  • Hearts Open Wide


    When all seems lost, when hope is sparse hearts open wide.

    Strangers become helpers and sometimes friends.





  • AMUSED: Free Live MUSING Session with Shiloh Sophia


    Are you ready to dive deeply into the Creative Process?

    Join my teacher and one of the Matriarchs of the Intentional Creativity Movement, Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis for a free LiveStream tomorrow to see if this creative journey is for you!

    Let’s Amuse ourselves with some intentional creativity. Join me for a free stream:  Color of Woman 2017 Invitation

    Bring paper, colored pens a cup of tea for you and your Muse.

    I don’t know about you but I could use some other kinds of amusement than the kind we are seeing right now. Let’s play and learn at the same time this Teacher Training is all about. We will have tea with the Muse and the Critic and let them guide us a conversation!

    Blessings for your Journey!!

    Mary Ann


  • Fall Opportunities from Consecrate the Day

    Dear Friends,
    I want to share some great creative, soul renewing offerings with you!  I am so excited to be partnering with some wonderful individuals to bring you incredible opportunities this Fall.



    In October, I will partner with Jenn Bissett, PhD for an Expressive Workshop called Artful Acceptance.




    Often we find ourselves feeling emotionally drained and struggle with accepting ourselves as worthy and/or good enough. Our internal critic is a loud voice that tends to drown out the affirmations we have received. Too often we know the words we need to say to ourselves but somehow they fall short of expressing how we really feel. Expressive therapies that incorporate movement, art and spiritual meditation can help to diminish the gap between where words end and feelings begin.

    Come and expressively explore your emotions related to self- acceptance and learn about the importance of authenticity and self acceptance to self-esteem, confidence, coping and happiness. We will use Intentional Creativity to release old thought patterns related to self acceptance and step into a new way of being that embraces the beauty of you!

    Tentatively scheduled for- (Dates may change)
    Fri., October 7th 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. &

    Sat., October 8th from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Psychology Resources 281-332-5100

    Jennifer L Bissett, PhD Licensed Psychologist and Artist. Private practice providing psychotherapy services. Experienced in helping facilitate emotional expressions and growth through expressive arts activities.

    216 N. Michigan Ave., League City, 77573


    In November, I am pleased to partner with Rachel Stokes

    and other Artists in Galveston, Texas  for a weekend of Creative Bliss as we paint, craft, meditate, cook and walk on the beach.
    My Intentional Creativity Painting Session will be
    Create Your Beauty Story.
    This Retreat will be November 11-13th in Galveston, Texas.
    For more information go to


    Ink and Honey Fall Book Study Group
    Brigid’s Place

    Beginning September 15th, I have the pleasure of co-facilitating the study of The Way of Belle Coeur- A Woman’s Vade Mecum with the Rev. Martha Frances in downtown Houston.  

    THURSDAYS, September 15, 22, & 29; 6, 20 & 27 October 2016

    Mellinger Room of Christ Church Cathedral at 1117 Texas Ave
    Free parking across San Jacinto in the Cathedral parking garage.

    Class Cost is $60.00

    For questions and to register please call Rev. Martha Frances at 713-203-2927.
    “Ink and Honey” is alive with women’s ancient wisdom and spiritual practices. We began our journey together this Spring with a study of “Ink and Honey.” This Fall we will dive into the heart of Belle Coeur Spirituality as we read and study “The Way of Belle Coeur- A Woman’s Vade Mecum” Our study will include guided discussion and experiential exercises to inform our lives.

    For more information go to


    And last but not least…

    Be on the look out for the next session in my Free Online Painting Series, Joy in the Journey on my website,  My gift to you!

    I hope you can join me!!


    My personal website offers invitations to deeper communion with God through Creativity and other Spiritual Practices.  I hope this website will be sustenance for your spiritual journey.  Take what resonates with your soul and discard what you do not need or want.

    Blessings always!
    Mary Ann

    Mary Ann Matthys, MA, CSD Artist, Certified Spiritual Director, and Retreat Facilitator who utilizes the creative process to facilitate each person’s journey toward authentic living and wholeness.
    Bachelor of Science, University of Texas
    Studied @ Glassell School of Art
    Masters Degree in Humanities, University of Houston, Clear Lake
    Certified Spiritual Director, Perkins School of Theology, SMU
    Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach 2014

  • SoulSpa!!





    I’ve recently been invited to speak at an online event designed to nurture soulful creatives worldwide. It’s called: “SoulSpa…Art, Meditation & Movement to Nurture the Soul & Inspire Joy”.

    And the best news! You get to attend this online event for FREE!

    What you’ll learn and receive from this amazing band of artists, yoginis and seasoned meditators:

    • Art Journaling & Expressive Arts exercises to help you tap into clarity, resolve relationship glitches, release your inner critic, awaken intuition and just open your world to more creative play and free expression.

    • How to use movement to release stagnant energy, to feel more centered and clear and to wake up your vitality in a way that feels intuitive and pleasurable. You’ll be inspired to toss out the “work” in “work-out”.

    • How to use meditation to tap into your intuition, sense your stillness & glimpse your greatness.

    • FREE gifties from each speaker: art e-courses, tutorials, meditations, movement videos, memberships and more!

    This online event is FREE. So get ready to commune with your soul and fill your joy cup! Sign up by clicking the link below…


  • Dawn

    pink sky

    I enjoy awakening before dawn to watch the sun rise…the returning of the light.  This morning in Sealy the trees appear black against a delicious peachy pink sky.  The birds are awakening and greeting the dawn with their songs and I wonder what it must have been like for Mary Magdalene that morning as she went early to attend to the body of her beloved Christ.  Did she notice the returning of the light?  Did she hear the birds?  Was she too overwhelmed by grief to notice the light?

    Oh, what a moment when the darkness gave way to the dawning realization that Jesus was alive, resurrected and there with her.  This moment of illumination must have been so incredible.  I envision Magdalene filled with heavenly Light, so much so that she had to tell somebody.  That’s the way it is with that kind of Light.

    There is a song that is a number of years old that comes to mind. As I picture Magdalene running to tell the other disciples I picture dawn breaking and the words “I’ve gotta tell somebody what Jesus has done for me.”  It is our turn now.  As dawn breaks this Easter morning I invite you to feel the excitement of that first Easter and go out and tell somebody what Jesus has done for you.


  • The Women Stayed…

    crown of thorns_Mary Ann MatthysToday is an important day in my Faith Tradition…Good Friday.

    This is always a day in which I intentionally let the world slip away for a time in order to be present to the depth of what happened that day. It was a moment in time that changed the fabric of the World and became a hinge point in time and space.

    So I am sure you know the story of the Crucifixion of Christ, but do you know that through all of it, the women stayed. The men, with the exception of John, were frightened away, but the women would not leave him. From anointing his feet with essential oil which would have anesthetized him to a degree from the brutality of his torture, to the many women at the cross where his mother, Magdalene, Mary the Mother of John and Salome to name a few, to tending his body, to remaining at the tomb where Magdalene was the first to see him…THE WOMEN STAYED.

    These women were stalwart beacons to the light that was leaving this Earthly plane that Friday…they  were quiet Warriors really if you think about the risk involved in staying with Christ.

    And so today I honor the Women, some nameless, who did what the men were too afraid to do…they remained steadfast to the end and beyond. Magdalene became the first to proclaim his resurrection.

  • Seasons of Your Life Retreat

    Beriah-Keeper of the Twin Flame

    Seasons of Your Life Fall Retreat

    Come away to the Deep Woods Retreat Center in Smithville, Texas for a weekend of rest, relaxation, creativity and reflection.

    Spend a few days creating a painting representing a Season of your Soul…

    Create the one who knows the Road Map of your Soul.

    No painting experience? No worries!

    The Intentional Creativity painting process offers step by step techniques for all experience levels.


    When:        November 13-15, 2015


    We will arrive Friday afternoon and evening with our first session together beginning at 7 pm. We will stay 2 nights returning home on Sunday midday. Our time together will include small group sessions, painting, journaling, and relaxation. For those painting, most of Saturday will be spent painting.


    Where:     Deep Woods Retreat Center, Smithville, Texas


    This retreat center will serve as our home for the weekend as we enter into rest, refreshing and creativity to renew our souls. This center sleeps 4 per room in twin beds and each bedroom has a bathroom. We will do our best to accommodate roommate requests.   The maximum number of participants is 20.Our Hostess Markie will provide lovely meals for us. Please feel free to bring snacks. You will need to bring linens for a twin bed .

    Feel free to bring your own journal and creative supplies but know that everything you need to create a beautiful painting will be provided. If you don’t want to paint, there will be opportunities to journal, crochet, knit and just enjoy being in the country.


    Cost:         $270 for the 2 ½ days (includes meals, instruction in Intentional Creativity, canvas, & painting supplies)

    Register:             Call or email Mary Ann Matthys @ 281-797-0518/

    Call or email Cindy Allen @ 832-646-1455/




    A Workshop with Mary Ann Matthys, certified Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach.






  • Talking about Wounds & Inner Healing…A Bloggers Taboo



    Most advisors say Blogs should be light, funny, uplifting and will tell you not to talk about anything remotely sad.  For the most part I understand and agree with this philosophy.  I mean really, most people read a blog hoping for a little cheer, an uplifting thought or wisdom for their journey.  I get it.

    This blog carries a message about wounds… we all have them.  I don’t know of a single soul who has traveled through life without encountering some unexpected event or hardship that was simply unavoidable.  Be it the loss of a loved one, a personal illness, relationship strife, work stress…we can all relate.  So why don’t we want to talk about it?

    Many of us, myself included, want to appear as if we have it all together.  We want to minimize difficulties and maximize the rest of our lives.  …not a bad strategy most of the time.

    Soooo….we carry around our wounds, hidden beneath the surface of an otherwise seemingly wonderful life until one day we can’t ignore them any more.  The wound hurts too much…it has festered sometimes for years.  Or perhaps we think we have dealt with the wound long ago until some circumstance or memory triggers the ache.  A loved one dies or almost dies and we can no longer ignore the reality of death and loss.

    If you are at such a crossroad, I encourage you today to know that you are not alone and there is hope.  Reach out to someone you trust, talk with a Spiritual Director or friend.  Pick up a paint brush!!!  You can find a way to illuminate the broken places using the creative process.

    Rumi says ‘The wound is the place where the light enters you.’  Breaking open the wound is the place of illumination, the place where healing begins.  It is not until we stop and take a look, truly take a look at the wounded place, that we can begin the process of healing leading to wholeness.

    For me the most profound healing occurs as I paint and create.  I am a very intuitive person and have maintained creativity as a Spiritual Practice for many years.  Several years ago I began painting using a method called Intentional Creativity.  It has transformed my life!

    Intentional Creativity is like a multi-faceted diamond.  The process awakens one’s creativity, enlivens the soul and helps shine a light on areas that need attention.  Intentional Creativity begins with a written intention…I literally write my intention on my canvas.  The intention may be a prayer or it may be a clear intention for the time spent creating the painting.  An example would be setting an intention to illuminate the broken or wounded places in my life and begin the process of healing them….

    As I paint from this place of clear focus, I contemplate my intention in a deliberate way that allows information to flow freely onto the canvas.  I open a dialogue with my Self and with the Divine.  I also spend time journalling during the process of painting layer by layer.  I love to teach this step by step process and find that most people experience growth or movement within their soul while painting.  This is often very profound.

    I am so pleased to be a part of the Painted Guru Summit that begins June 11th.  This is a free online summit in which Artists and Teachers from around the world will talk about utilizing the creative process to heal the heart, inspire the soul and soothe the mind.

    Going into the Summit I intended to talk about Abundance, because that is certainly another aspect of Intentional Creativity.  As Bebe and I talked, our conversation went another direction and I have to believe there is someone out there who needs to hear that healing is not only possible but can happen with intention through this amazing creative process.  Over the next few months I will be developing an online video series using Intentional Creativity but until then check out …

    The Painted Guru and sign up for the summit!

    painted guru

    I hope you will consider joining us for this wonderful Summit.  If you do you will hear me talk about the painting you see above.  She is called TalisWoman Generations and she holds my wounds so that I don’t carry them around any more.  I am whole.  I am free.  You can be too!


    Mary Ann

  • Painted Guru Creative Summit…Discover how Art can heal the heart, inspire the soul and soothe the mind.

    Birthing A Soul

    Dear Ones,

    I am so happy to be part of this amazing Summit of Creative Souls!

    Join me at the Painted Guru as Artists from around the World share with you a way to create with Intention.  We will talk about creating from a heart centered place that will transform your world.  As a Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach this is a core part of my creative process.

    You will be amazed at the power of this creative method for healing and empowering your heart, mind and soul.  This process will take you from wherever you are now to a place of beauty and wholeness.  If you are already in a place of wholeness I invite you to share your place of grace with your beloveds in the world.  If you are currently experiencing a place of woundedness, remember that feelings are a lot like weather, it may be raining today but tomorrow the sky will be blue and glorious.  Intentional Creativity is a great tool for releasing your wounds in order to live a vibrant, extraordinary life in the midst of whatever circumstances arise.

    This summit is an incredible opportunity to…

    •  connect with your true self in a way that will help you center your soul
    • turn your blues to bliss
    • connect to a greater sense of purpose
    • and heal your heart!

    You will hear stories from each Artist that I hope will be like a healing balm for your soul.

    Receive these stories like medicine for your soul, knowing where you are now and inviting you to a transformative glance at where you are going in the future.

    You will receive sustenance and tools for your journey!

    Come and See!

    Mary Ann

  • A Daily Blessing

    Blessing for Meeting 600

    Daily Blessing

    (based on St Patrick's Prayer)

    Consecrate the Day is three years old today on St. Patrick’s Day!  Yay!

    I want to share my morning blessing based on St. Patrick’s prayer.  

    I pray this prayer every day upon awakening.


    I arise today

    in the name of the God of Creation

    God of Sun, Moon, Stars and Sky;

    God of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.


    Christ before me,

    Christ behind me,

    Christ to my right,

    Christ to my left,

    Christ above me,

    Christ below me.


    Christ in the mind and heart

    of everyone who thinks of me today.

    May the blessing of Christ fall

    on each person whose path crosses mine today.


    I arise today in the power of the God of Creation.


    As I pray this prayer, I stand and move freely with the words of the prayer, moving my body expressively in union with its words.  It is a prayer of renewal at the beginning of each day.  Say it like you mean it and feel the power of this amazing prayer!  

    I hope it will be a blessing to you this St. Patrick’s Day!

    Mary Ann



  • Ash Wednesday 2015


    Cosmic Christ 600

    Dear Ones,
    Ash Wednesday is a sacred day to me.  Perhaps it is because it is the beginning of Lent.  Perhaps it is because of the Ashes themselves and what they represent.  Mostly it is because of the Cosmic Christ, past, present and future…
    …so today as you move through your day I invite you to be present to the invitations of God in your midst.  
    Think about the ashes that may be placed on your forehead today, dust really… 
    As a potter I am privileged to have formed clay from elements, from dust, and I can tell you that the clay I formed with my own hands was and is precious to me.  I tended it very carefully, adding water to keep it moist, covering and protecting it, and most of all forming it into beautiful vessels far beyond what the original dust could have ever been alone.   I image God tending us in much the same way.  Steadfast, faithful, loving God’s creation…us.
    Today, for this day, I invite you to enter Lent prayerfully, mindfully.
    Take some time to simply Be.  
    I want to share a scripture that someone fashioned into the most incredibly simple, powerful  poem and prayer.  The scripture is one you are probably familiar with…Be still and know that I am God.   Look at it and slowly pray with it this way today…
    Be still and know that I am God.
    Be still and know that I am.
    Be still and know.
    Be still.
    Consecrating this Day to God with thanksgiving to Isabelle,
    Mary Ann

  • Envision an ExtraOrdinary Year!

    cosmic child2015…Wow!

    What inspires you?

    What lights your SoulFire?

    What do you long to create in your life in 2015?

    What does an ExtraOrdinary Life look like and how do you experience ordinary moments within every day as extraordinary?


    Transform your life.

    Navigate life’s hardships.

    Enjoy this journey called Life!

    As a Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach, I utilize Intentional Creativity as a method for inquiry into Life’s Questions.  It is amazing to think that paint, paintbrushes and canvases can be tools for transforming a life. How can something that at first glance seems so simple be so profound?

    I invite you to spend a day with me exploring the possibilities that are emerging in your life as you begin 2015.

    To explore my retreat offerings click here….

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