Ash Wednesday 2015

Mary Ann Matthys- Artist, Color of Woman Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach.

Ash Wednesday 2015


Cosmic Christ 600

Dear Ones,
Ash Wednesday is a sacred day to me.  Perhaps it is because it is the beginning of Lent.  Perhaps it is because of the Ashes themselves and what they represent.  Mostly it is because of the Cosmic Christ, past, present and future…
…so today as you move through your day I invite you to be present to the invitations of God in your midst.  
Think about the ashes that may be placed on your forehead today, dust really… 
As a potter I am privileged to have formed clay from elements, from dust, and I can tell you that the clay I formed with my own hands was and is precious to me.  I tended it very carefully, adding water to keep it moist, covering and protecting it, and most of all forming it into beautiful vessels far beyond what the original dust could have ever been alone.   I image God tending us in much the same way.  Steadfast, faithful, loving God’s creation…us.
Today, for this day, I invite you to enter Lent prayerfully, mindfully.
Take some time to simply Be.  
I want to share a scripture that someone fashioned into the most incredibly simple, powerful  poem and prayer.  The scripture is one you are probably familiar with…Be still and know that I am God.   Look at it and slowly pray with it this way today…
Be still and know that I am God.
Be still and know that I am.
Be still and know.
Be still.
Consecrating this Day to God with thanksgiving to Isabelle,
Mary Ann

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