Meet Mary Ann... Sustenance for the Journey


Welcome!  You may be wondering who I am…


I am a Spiritual Director, Artist and Retreat Facilitator who utilizes the creative process as an invitation to deeper communion and connection with God.


I am a Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach.  This amazing creative process is an amazing way to search your soul and create visual prayers.  Join me as we light our SoulFire!

Here are some of the paintings I created during my Color of Woman Training in 2014..

SoulFire 600DSC_0015Muse 600Legend 600Prayer of the Heart 600

I am a person who values life in all its forms. I love nature and feel especially close to God when I am in natural settings.  I value relationships. For me, it is important to engage others with understanding, knowing that every individual has inherent value and self worth.

In the core of my being, I am a person who seeks to live into her faith day by day, moment by moment. I am a creative individual who finds the creative process a wonderful way to consecrate my life to God.

My husband always laughs at me because whenever we travel, even on a short trip, I bring along sustenance for the journey.  This is nothing fancy.  On short trips, it may be as simple as two bottles of water.  For longer trips we may have water, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, caps…I want to be prepared for the journey.  I do not want to be caught off-guard without the sustenance I need to have a happy, healthy, fun-filled trip.  I also want to be prepared for unexpected events, so a current map, flashlight, and a spare tire are a must.  Sustenance encompasses everything I need to make the journey go smoothly, even when the unexpected pothole occurs.

I hope this website will be sustenance for your spiritual journey.  I plan to share the many spiritual practices that provide support for the spiritual journey.  Some are very traditional and some are outside the proverbial box.  All tools are meant to be helpful.  Take what resonates with your soul and discard what you do not need or want.

It is my sincere hope that you will find the joy that comes in consecrating each day, each moment to God.

 Artist’s Statement


Color of Woman Teacher

Intentional Creativity Coach

Certification in Spiritual Direction, Perkins School of Theology

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

Masters of Arts in Humanities, University of Houston – Clear Lake

Glassell School of Art, MFAH, Houston, Texas

Bachelor of Science, University of Texas



Spiritual Directors International

Hearts on Fire:  Fellowship of United Methodist Spiritual Directors and Retreat Leaders

The Gathered Community of Spiritual Directors, Texas Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church

Color of Woman Teacher


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